Sunday, July 29, 2012

June 2012

June 1st belongs to Lily Mae Lucille who turned into a toddler before my very eyes.  This year we did a "minnie me" (minnie mouse) theme.  The girls' birthday always reminds me of how fast time really does fly by.  Everytime I look at my Lilybug it gets harder to believe that she was so small when she entered this world.  Lily Mae always associates the word birthday with cake, and she has loved continuing the monthly family cupcake day with Layla and I.  Sometimes she takes it upon herself to make cupcakes if she feels like it has been to long since we have made them....
Love this bug!

The last day of school for Layla was June 6th.  My "SWEETS" has graduated kindergarten.  Again the time is flying by...  Layla is growing up into a beautiful lady, and this proud mama knows she will succeed in everything she works for.  She is destined for great works.  
Congratulations Layla Grace
On June 6th the count down was over for was the day we were leaving to go "HOME" for a visit.  The girls were extra excited because the would get to stay awhile and had been counting down the days since January, and to add more excitement to the mix they were riding on an airplane for the first time ever...
We arrived at the airport early because the were Lindsey, me ,and 3 girls and 7 bags to get through security..which was actually not bad very smooth.  As we arrived at our gate it was around 10pm and our p0lane was set to leave at 1130pm..the girls played with their games and around that time we got an announcement that there would be a delay..3hours later we got to was so long that the older girls fell asleep and lily mae ran in circles before her melatonin kicked in...
sleeping at airport.. 
I did wake for boarding takeoff and landing so she could enjoy the experience.

Here are some of the adventures the girls had in Las Vegas...

Wish we could have stayed longer and got to see some family that we missed seeing...
Love and Miss all my Nevada family...xoxo


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

May Flowers..

This month was blooming for us.  My goal this month was to start food storage, and boy is it growing.  I am very proud of it.  I found this great store to get all of my canned goods for cheap cheap!!  I am really particular about how I arrange it in the pantry, so much so that Lindsey and Los poke a little at me.  My response to that “If a tornado hits, guess who will have food and water.”...haha!   Since we now live in a state with season, April showers really do bring lots of May flowers.  With those flowers come terrible allergies for the girls.  They have daily zyrtec and occasionally for Layla I have to add a dose of Benadryl.  My poor baby is allergic to everything green in this world, which is ironic because her favorite color is green.  She definitely needed extra help during her field day.  Los and I got to attend and watch her tear it up in the races winning 2 first place ribbons.  The boys could keep up with her.  At the end of field day the parents were involved in a hula hoop contest.  I threw in a picture of Los breaking it down.  Lily Mae also tried to get out and show her hula skills, she is definitely her father’s daughter.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

April Flowers

April was a pretty laid back month and spring was in the air with flowers blooming everywhere and every time I saw this tree I couldn’t help but sing “ POPCORN POPPING ON THE APRICOT TREE”, which I then had to teach to my preschoolers.  This month ran hot and cold literally, just when I started packing up the winter clothes I would have to bring out the jackets again and then there were days when the slippin’ slide came in very handy.  Lily Mae has found her love on sharpie tattoos and anytime she finds one she goes into a quiet corner and begins her masterpiece.  I cant keep them away from her, I think she hides them in her diaper.  The easter bunny was good to the girls and so were grandpas and grandmas as always J .  Layla has been collecting the princess dolls and thanks to the bunny she now has her complete collection, and Lily bug received her own pillow pet so she would stop fighting with the girls for theirs.  As for me these girls keep me busy and work is exhausting but I am loving every minute….xoxo